The Memeinator outlook amid MicroStrategy’s $60M unrealized BTC gain

  • The Memeinator presale has raised nearly $820k within weeks of its launch and is seeing huge interest.
  • This article looks at MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investment amid BTC price resurgence
  • What does this mean for crypto and for investors looking to tap into new opportunities?

MicroStrategy is reportedly sitting on $60 million in unrealized gains from its haul of Bitcoin (BTC). Despite the crypto market’s bearish flip over the past two years, the business intelligence company continued to buy rather than fold and sell its holdings. The recent purchase of more than $147 million worth of BTC illustrated the firm’s long term bet on the asset.

Despite the bear market’s brutal impact on businesses, MicroStrategy’s approach suggests long term investors could reap big from their crypto investments.

Could this outlook also apply to diversified bets on promising altcoins, one of which could be the Memeinator (MMTR)?

Why MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin bet could pay off big

In September, when MicroStrategy founder and CEO Michael Saylor announced the firm’s latest Bitcoin purchase, he noted that they hodled 158,245 BTC acquired at $4.68 billion. The average buy price was $29,582, while the benchmark crypto traded around $27k at the time.

BTC/USD is down significantly from its all-time highs of $69k. However, the surge above $30k that comes after a brutal downturn illustrates the likely benefit of resilience for investors. 

Investors will know that the crypto ecosystem’s wild price fluctuations do pose a risk to any portfolio. Yet, what the $60 million unrealized gains for MicroStrategy show is that this could easily jump into hundreds of millions of dollars. That is, if BTC price goes parabolic as anticipated in the next bull cycle.

Analysts have predicted that Bitcoin price could rally to a new all-time high above $100k if a spot Bitcoin ETF is approved and coincides with the upcoming rewards halving event. Further adoption amid mainstream investment could propel the coin’s value higher in the long term. It’s what MicroStrategy appears to be betting on and one strategy that realizes the obvious risks also come with great potential.

Although Bitcoin stands out within the crypto space, a number of altcoins have emerged as top long term investment bets, with investors positioning themselves amid the bull market predictions. Among the new projects is the Memeinator (MMTR).

What is Memeinator?

Imagine a crypto world where all puny meme tokens are a thing of the past, and only real value tokens are thriving amid game-changing utility to the community. That’s the outlook of Memeinator (MMTR), a new project looking to rid the meme world of worthless meme coins as it redefines the investment space.

In its whitepaper, the project defines an ecosystem that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to bring value to holders of the native MMTR token.

With the market already a crowded space, the Memeinator seeks to distinguish itself via its tokenomics, staking, NFT, and game features – with its Meme Warfare game an addition that will disrupt the hype-driven and largely speculative meme coin investing space.

The Memeinator – an investment outlook

It’s Memeinator’s innovative approach to crypto memes that has the crypto community buzzing as evidenced by the participation in the ongoing MMTR presale. 

Notably, not all projects that have promised to take on Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and other top meme coins in the past have managed to dislodge them. But Memeinator is built differently and its revolution is getting stronger with each early bid in the presale.

Currently, the MMTR token is priced at $0.0118, having jumped from the initial $0.01. In the next stage of the presale, the Memeinator price will increase to $0.0125, before rising throughout the 29 presale stages to hit $0.049. From the current value, this increase would amount to about 315% gains by the time the tokens hit the first trading platform.

The price could explode with further demand, driven by the launch of various products such as the aforementioned P2E game. 

Like other tokens, profit taking from presale investors could inform a sudden short term dip. But as MicroStrategy continues to illustrate with its hodl strategy, taking a long term bet on the token could pay off, particularly if Memeinator hits the targeted $1 billion market cap.

Do you want to find out more about the Memeinator? Visit the official presale page.

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