Memeinator price jumps in stage 4 while Australia proposes new crypto licensing

  • Memeinator presale has entered the fourth stage.

  • The presale occurs in 29 stages, with the token returning by 132%.

  • Memeinator carries a 1,000% potential due to strong speculation and utility.

The crypto landscape keeps changing, with new tokens and regulations shaping the future of the sector. In response to the uncontrolled growth of new meme tokens, Memeinator (MMTR) has come to create order. Within a few days of presale, the token raised $703,442, with more investors buying it. Conversely, Australia is endearing itself as a crypto-friendly jurisdiction with new licensing proposals. Are these developments positive?

Australia eyes a new crypto licensing regime for exchanges

Australia’s Treasury has proposed new licensing and custody regulations for crypto asset providers. The latest cryptocurrency news says regulators could issue the draft regulations by 2024. Exchanges will be given 12 months to comply with the new licensing regime. 

The Australian Treasury suggests licensing for exchanges that control more than AUD5 million or $3.15 million in assets. Officials say the move aims “to ensure a level-playing field between traditional and emerging financial intermediaries.”

 The proposals endear Australia as a crypto-friendly nation. The proposed regulations are expected to increase the country’s digital asset certainty and drive adoption. 

Memeinator’s promise of meme domination attracts investors

Many meme investors have a story to tell. Whether it’s catching a parabolic move on Dogecoin or falling foul for a parody coin. Essentially, meme cryptocurrencies have been a double-edged sword. For those that have invested right, gains have been supernormal. The opposite has been true for investors falling to parody memes. 

Memeiantor promises to weed out the bad guys and make the meme investment landscape worthwhile. Boasting to have returned from 2077, Memeinator says its mission is one. Destroy weak, pathetic, and non-original meme tokens from the face of the earth. 

The mission will be accomplished using artificial intelligence. The AI will scan the web and find targets, crushing them to the core. This way, Memeinator will achieve domination, with a clear target to hit a $1 billion market cap. 

Memeinator will also apply clever and intelligent marketing using cutting-edge AI technology. The aim is to ensure everyone is talking about the project, driving hype and FOMO. Memeinator won’t stop there as AI will continually reinvent itself to make the crypto dominate. 

As the presale enters the fourth stage, investors remain as hopeful as they were when the project started. Memeinator token has, too, maintained a positive trajectory, rising at each stage. The token is now valued at $0.0118, representing a gain of 18% for early backers. Evidently, there is much to be made during the 29-stage presale, as the token will rise at every phase. At the conclusion, the token will have returned 132%. 

Memeinator and overall crypto landscape

Memeinator fills a crucial role in the crypto world. It positions itself as a quality project with great potential. Utility has been the key concern for most meme investments.

Apart from harnessing the power of AI, the project will allow the staking of the token. There are also exclusive NFTs for the community and a game to be launched at the end of the presale. 

As regulations catch up with unworthwhile crypto projects, Memeiantor will play a significant role. Increased certainty through regulations will allow Memeinator to generate more trust, unlocking its value. 

Will Memeinator rise by 1,000%

Memeinator will have risen by more than 100% when the presale ends. The gains are controlled through the project’s tokenomics. From here, Memeinator could surprise the markets when the token is listed.

The Memeinator team has a goal to list the token on tier 1 exchanges. AI-enabled marketing and branding will also make the project known worldwide, increasing adoption.

With the prospects, Memeinator’s token value could rise by more than 1,000% after listing. Aside from the speculative value drive, Memeinator could increase due to improved crypto sentiment.

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