Maven 11 Launches $30m Loan Pool on Defi Lending Protocol Maple Finance

Defi lending protocol Maple Finance has launched a $30 million liquidity pool backed by Netherlands-based crypto-native investment firm Maven 11.

Maven 11 announced that the launch of the loan pool is designed to help institutional businesses seek income opportunities.

A $30 million pool of funds funded by institutional lenders will provide liquidity to borrowers used by firms including Wintermute, Auros and Flow Traders Nibbio and Folkvang Trading.

In return, the lender will receive revenue from the market maker.

The injection of funds into lending pools by institutional investors will provide liquidity to borrowers, a particularly valuable resource during crypto bear markets.

Maple Finance, a decentralized financial credit platform, claims to have issued over $1.5 billion in cumulative loans, with total deposits exceeding $635 million at the time of writing.

Sidney Powell, CEO of Maple, said, “Now that the last quarter has come to a close, appetite is shifting back toward deploying and getting yield again. We’ve seen lending volumes starting to grow. People are being enticed by price to come back into the market for stablecoin yields. “

Maven has been investing in venture capital since 2017 and has backed projects such as Celestia, Qredo, Nym Technologies, Spectral Finance, Merit Circle, Maple Finance, Anoma and Zapper through its two funds.

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